welcome to Trafficprinter®

World's First
Truck-Mounted Printer

A Truck-mounted Printer

Prints any Sign
And Any Symbol

Fully Automated



It's the World's First

Trafficprinter® is one of its kind machine that is designed to save lives and revolutionize road marking.

Operated by one person

Trafficprinter® is operated by only one person from a safe and comfortable working environment inside cabin.

Saves time and money

Trafficprinter® prints one 7.5 m long sign or symbol in less than 1 minute, thus saving time and money.

Prints any sign or symbol

Trafficprinter® can print any sign or symbol that you can throw at it, given that it is max 2.5 m wide.

Reduces polution and jams

Trafficprinter® is eco-friendly. It reduces polution and traffic jams by cutting over 90% of road marking time.

Reduces work accidents

No need for manual workers on the road and a Truck Mounted Attenuator (TMA) is mounted at the rear of the truck.


The Trafficprinter® is a subsidiary of Trysil Maskin AS, a road marking equipment manufacturing company based in Norway.


Trysil Maskin AS has been offering extensive experience and in-depth knowledge on road marking equipment since 1957 for everything from wide highways to narrow country roads and crowded city streets.


The Trafficprinter® is developed and designed by Trysil Maskin (TM). The machine allows operators to print any sign or symbol on the road and is the world`s first truck-mounted printer.

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We are the

industry expert

We are a company that keeps changing with emerging technology every year. We have introducing many exciting products, like multiapplicator with combined droplet and extruder capabilities, airless paint guns for pre-markers and trucks and hand like robot that can write codes. We have telematic system and a lot of other products that uses internet of things (IoT)


Trysil Maskin AS builds a wide variety of complex road-marking equipment that is easy to operate, and comes with a comfortable and ergonomically correct working environment.

Thermoplastic Paint Trucks

Our Thermoliners comes with TM MultiApplicator®. A unique machine that can produce regular extruder lines, profiled lines, droplet lines or any unique combination of these. It can easily be operated by one or two persons from a safe and comfortable environment inside the cabin. All control mechanisms are accessible from the driver's seat and linemarking are continuously monitored from the cabin via cameras and mirrors.

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High/Low Pressure Cold Paint Trucks

TM Paintliners are also operated by one or two persons working in the truck-cabin. All line marking operations are controlled by the TM Line-Controller System. A highly advanced system integrated with a joystick, a foot pedal and telematic system. The road marking material is applied by sprayguns mounted on hydraulically operated dolly, just in front of the rear wheels.

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Additional Products

Trysil Maskin AS produces a wide variety of other road marking products like handtool boilers in many different configurations, preheating trucks, premarking trucks, airport paint trucks, hand guided machines and foam cone dispensers.

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Address: Trysil Maskin AS, Lysvegen 32, NO-2422 Nybergsund, Norway.

Email: post@trysil-maskin.no

Phone: +47 62 44 99 55