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Soon ready for the US

– This is not innovation. It is a revolution. The Trysil RMM Trafficprinter is going to attract a lot of attention in the United States. This machine is a game changer, said two impressed representatives from the American distributor Mark Rite Lines (MRL), when they recently visited the factory in Nybergsund ahead of the imminent launch in the US.

– We have an enthusiastic sales team ready to showcase the Trafiicprinter to the US market. We are prepared for great interest, says Sales Director Boyd Montgomery and General Manager Steve Johnsen at MRL Equipment Company, Inc.


Serious business

There is little doubt that MRL is serious about its investment in the Trysil RMM Trafficprinter:

“MRL is revolutionizing the Line Marking Industry with The Trysil RMM Trafficprinter! Soon to be printing across America, making it safer, more efficient, and more cost-effective for your operation”, writes the Montana-based company on its website.

The Trysil RMM Trafficprinter has already attracted attention across the world, and will make its debut to the American public at the annual American Traffic Safety Services Association (ATSSA) trade show in San Diego on February 2nd to 6th.

Montgomery and Johnson are certain that the new technology will be of great interest.

– Last year alone, 874 road workers were killed at work in the US. It is dangerous to work along the roads in the United States. The Trafficprinter is not only much more efficient, but it will also make the work much safer.


Set to visit all the states

CEO Jon Kjetil Jutulstad of Trysil RMM AS also has great faith that the Americans will welcome the new, ground-breaking road marking technology. He says that the company will be well-represented at the fair in San Diego, and that they will follow the rest of the demo tour from west to east in the US. If everything goes according to plan, several of the mainland states will get to experience the Trafficprinter in February, March and April. In May, potential customers and road authorities will be invited to Trafficprinter demos in Billings, Montana, where MRL has its headquarters. After this, there will be a new tour, visiting new states.

– The US is an absolutely huge market and we hope that they welcome us as well as we have been in Europe. MRL expects to sell several units every year once the ball starts rolling, and we are ready to take the orders, says Jutulstad.


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