Girl wearing welding safety mask and smiling.

The Trafficprinter: A user-friendly revolution in road marking

At Trysil RMM, we believe the Trafficprinter to be pretty user-friendly. Though, we are constantly working to improve the interface and technology all together. On this demo tour, we are using a unit that has been shaped through the collaboration of people at Trysil RMM and MRL. The machine is made up up of MRL‘s superstructure and Trysil’s Trafficprinter mounted on the back and connected to the operating system inside the cabin. It is a passion project to see it succeed and for the Trafficprinter to hit the market in tip-top shape. This is a collaborative effort bridging together two teams of engineers, mechanics, and decision makers.

Speaking of knowledge building, we get a lot of questions about the overall useability of the machine. How difficult is it to learn the interface? Does the operator need to be a rocket scientist in order to understand how to print something? Things like that. I have my own personal opinion on this matter because I myself had to learn to understand the machine well enough to explain it to people, have the potential to operate it, and understand it well enough to problem solve. When we started testing in February, I barely knew anything. I had witnessed the machine in action, but I knew little to nothing about how to actually print a symbol. The same went for Noah who is now the full-time operator for the demo tour.

Road with several railroad crossing symbols printed one after the other. Machine in the distance.

In February, we eagerly approached the unknown and began learning through trial and error, the passing of information from Kent who joined us from Sweden for the first few weeks of testing, and, for me, lots of father-daughter “why is this happening” phone calls. We spent a solid month and a half out on the test track everyday just soaking in all of the information we could gather. And it was So. Much. Fun. Genuinely, I was like a kid in a candy store. New to the world of heavy machinery and with a lingering curiosity of the world of safety glasses and steel toed shoes, I eagerly approached each day ready to soak up as much information as possible. I would confidently say that within two weeks, I had the basics down. Again, with no prior knowledge on the operation of any road marking machine. Now, a few months later, I am confident in my ability to explain the machine to customers. And feel as though I thoroughly understand the machine. This is not rocket science. It definitely takes dedication, but this interface can be easily learned and understood.

When you buy the Trafficprinter, there will also be package options for remote in assistance with the interface, uploading of symbols, and troubleshooting. We are still working out the details but feel confident in your ability to easily utilize this machine in your operation. One man operated, it will help you to streamline your jobs and put your best workers where you really need them. We are getting closer and closer to a new era of road marking.

Stay tuned!!

Our upcoming demos will take place on the West Coast. If you are interested in having us pay you a visit, please reach out to me at or sign up for the Demo Tour.

Until next time,

Marilyn Saulsbury

Head of Sales and Business Development, Trysil RMM Inc.