picture of a man and trafficprinter at WJ

WJ Group: – The Trafficprinter a great advantage to road safety

Research and Development Manager, Richard Davis, at WJ Group in the UK have used the Trafficprinter from Trysil Road Marking Machines over the last year. Richard has also been the Trysil RMMs contact at WJ Group on this project since the first demonstration of the Trafficprinter in London in 2017.

And he is clear – The use of thermoplastic road marking printer in the UK market has huge potential.

“So far, we have undertaken several trial sites which have been very well received. We are however very much still in the process of changing mindsets within the UK road marking industry and are still actively pushing to use the equipment on National Highways and Local Government networks”, Davies says.

WJ Group was formed by the current Chief Executive Officer, Wayne Johnston, in 1987. Initially, they were a small road marking company employing just two crews. WJ thrived and expanded through organizational growth and acquisition of companies in different areas of traffic relevant businesses.

Recover road markings

“We are working closely with Trysil RMM to further develop the scanning and refresh aspects of the vehicle to allow us to recover road markings. Testing is progressing well, and any modifications we require are fed back and addressed”, he says.

WJ Group is now the UK’s leading and most trusted road marking and highway safety business. They are supporting strategic road networks, local authority, and off-highway markets by providing solutions that create safe, sustainable journeys for everyone.

“We operate with integrity based on our four core values of safety, delivery, innovation, and community”, Richard says.

Richard points out that that the thermoplastic printer from Trysil RMM will make a difference on road safety – removing operatives from the road as well as improving visibility for autonomous vehicles.

Autonomous vehicles

“Printed symbols, especially when presented as distinct dots, have been investigated and seen to be of great advantage through increased visibility with the autonomous vehicles sensor array, which are progressively being introduced and tested on the road networks”, he says.

“Moving forwards, it is of great importance that the road markings are of the highest reflectivity, visibility and longevity of life, which we are seeing with the Trafficprinter”, Richard adds.

WJ Group had a significant position in the UK Road marking business already back in 2012, when they were awarded the Olympic route network for the duration of the 2012 London Olympics games.

“We were incredibly proud to have been involved in these works. This was the largest road marking contract ever awarded in the UK”, Wayne Johnston, CEO, stated.

picture shows roard marking vehicle

Pavement marking

In the same year, their training academy was formed and was the first dedicated training school in the UK specifically for the highways industry. They later entered the average speed camera market and in 2020 they began growth in the Intelligent Transport Systems sector. This was done by expansion of product offering to include Stopped Vehicle Detection, CCTV systems, Solar Units, Rapid ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) trailers and Pollution Monitors.

WJ thus have a broad area to operate in. This is on top of their expertise in National Highway infrastructure and pavement markings on Local Government networks, where road marking equipment from Trysil RMM will come in useful.

“We lay markings on the UK’s strategic road network and local authority networks, The Trafficprinter is being used to mark trial sites on both networks. These are being monitored and reviewed, but initial results are very positive, and we are very excited about the potential moving forwards.”, Richard ends.


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