The Trafficprinter® is a one-of-a-kind road marking machine expertly designed for safety and productivity

The Trafficprinter® is developed and designed by Trysil RMM.

The machine allows operators to print any sign or symbol on the road and is the world`s first truck-mounted printer.

picture of a trafficprinter
picture of a trafficprinter

Innovative road marking printer
for thermoplastic paint

  • Replaces hand tooling

  • Prints any symbol in live traffic

  • Automated application

  • Truck mounted

  • Cost efficient

  • Enhances safety

  • Boosts efficiency

The Trafficprinter helps reduce work-site accidents by keeping boots off the grounds and the operator safely in the truck.

picture shows a road with a linemarker
30kmh symbol_resized

For demo in the US: Contact MRL Equipment Company, Inc.

For areas other than the USA, contact Trysil RMM

MRL and Trysil RMM have teamed up to close the gap between productivity and safety in the USA


Trysil RMM is a company that keeps changing with emerging technology every year. 

We have introduced many exciting products, like a multiplicator with combined droplet and extruder capabilities, airless paint guns for pre-markers and trucks and hand like robot that can write codes. 

We have telematic systems and a lot of other products that uses internet of things (IoT) 

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Picture of Trafficprinter


MRL Equipment Company, Inc. has manufactured pavement marking and grooving equipment for over 40 years.

Founded on extensive first-hand knowledge and a background in striping operations, MRL

Equipment designs and builds traffic paint, thermoplastic, plural component, and line removal/pavement grooving equipment with a reputation for reliability and high productivity.