picture of two men sitting in a trafficprinter

The trafficprinter: Safer road marking

The importance of facilitating safe driving will always be relevant, no matter where you are in the world. Quality road marking is something Trysil RMM puts on their agenda every day, and their relatively new trafficprinter has already been a success among customers. Kent Roberg with Trysil RMM Sweden says that much time has gone into developing the product.

The need for automatic printing

Roberg has worked with Trysil RMM since 2015, and he has spent much of his time here working on the trafficprinter. This machine prints text and symbols automatically, allowing drivers to print the symbols needed without exiting their truck.

“This makes the process of road marking a lot safer for the drivers, as they can get the work done from inside their trucks, and do not have to work unprotected on the side of the road” Roberg says.

Roberg has worked as the product developer with the trafficprinter, and he says it is exciting to see the finished product, representing many years of hard work, now taken into use by the customers of Trysil RMM.

“There are currently five machines in use, one in Finland, one in England and three in Sweden,” Roberg details.


Safety is the number one priority

There has been done extensive work and development to get the product to the standard it has today. The material and functionality has to be just right, and Roberg says it is also important that they are durable.

“It is very interesting to be part of a process like this, especially when it involves safety and efficiency for our customers. The need for the product is huge, and the traffic around the world is increasing every day. Safety is the number one priority,” Roberg says.

When the ultimate benefit from the trafficprinter is lives being saved, it is easy to understand why this is such an important product to Trysil RMM. Roberg says that if this product can help save lives, that is the greatest reward of them all, and this makes the whole process very motivating.

“Being able to finally press the button and see a nicely printed symbol coming out is a great feeling. The look on the faces of our customers when they see what the product can do, and how they can use it, is one of the most motivating parts of this process,” Roberg says.