picture of a trafficprinters and a group of people

Trysil RMM brings new technology to the British market

After the pandemic put a stop to several fairs and demos, Trysil RMM are excited to finally be able to do more customer visits, and show what their products can do. On June 9th, Jon Kjetil Jutulstad from Trysil RMM held a demo in London, for their customer WJ, who recently bought a trafficprinter. Jutulstad says this was a very fun and important visit.

“This machine is based on technology they are not currently using in England, and our machine will help them significantly improve the safety aspect of road marking,” Jutulstad explains.

Excitement around new machine

The customer WJ ordered the machine a few years ago, and the registration for use of the trafficprinter on British roads was completed this spring. Therefore, now was a good time to show the customers how they will benefit from this new road marking machine.

«We put on a demo together in London, where WJ invited their customers and British road officials, to come see how the machine works,” Jutulstad details.

After the demo, Trysil RMM and Innovation Norway invited the participants to a dinner at the Norwegian embassy. Jutulstad says that there was a pleasant atmosphere, and that both the customers and the officials were excited about the product.

“They were very excited, because the technology we are providing them with allows the workers to do their job from within the truck, instead of manually marking the roads in traffic,” Jutulstad says.

Safer working conditions

There have been several accidents as a result of manual road marking, some of them fatal. Not only does the trafficprinter provide the road workers with safer working conditions, but it also improves the efficiency of the road marking process.

“As part of the demo, we did a side-by-side comparison of manual road marking and road marking using the trafficprinter, and the trafficprinter had already completed five or six symbols while the manual road marker was still working on the first one,” Jutulstad says.

Furthermore, Jutulstad says that they are happy to see the English market opening up to their products. He is hoping that this is the beginning of a longer partnership, where they can help supply the English market with more road marking machines. As part of this process, Jutulstad highlights the importance of being able to visit the customers.

“Often, our customers want to physically see, feel and test our machines before making the investment of purchasing them. It is therefore very important to us to be able to go visit them, and demonstrate what our machines can do,” Jutulstad says.