picture of Marilyn Saulsbury

Marilyn Saulsbury – The head in the USA

As Trysil RMM aims to hit the American market with distribution through MRL, Marilyn Saulsbury is establishing our new office in Minneapolis, Minnesota. While building the new office, she has been working alongside MRL to finalize our distributor agreement.

“It has been a slow start as this is a brand-new company and there is lots to be done to get it up and running. As of right now, we are in the beginning stages of getting tax numbers, bank accounts, office locations, mailing addresses, among other things sorted”, says Saulsbury.

Speaks Norwegian

Marilyn was born and raised in Norway but have lived in the US now for about 17 years. She speaks both English and Norwegian fluently. Her career background is psychology based.

“I graduated university with a bachelor’s degree in Community psychology and a minor in human relations. Prior to working at Trysil RMM, I worked in this field for roughly five years”, she says.

Convention was the opener

She became interested in the position in Trysil when she attended 2022 ATSSA convention in Tampa, Florida. She was there joining her father, Erik Bakken. She was helping him in the booth by speaking with potential customers and people who were simply intrigued by the traffic printer. Saulsbury initially began her career in psychology due to her love of connecting with people and understanding what motivates them.

“I had worked in sales before and really enjoyed it. Helping in Tampa re-ignited my love for sales in the sense that it allows for the freedom to openly connect with people while also utilizing the skills that I gained while working in and studying the field of psychology”, she says.

The opportunity to work with Trysil RMM was presented to her not long after the ATSSA convention.

“After some discussion, I decided that this was a good pivot in my professional life and started my position officially on the 27th of June”, she says.

Get approval across USA

Since then, the job has been to get the company office up and running. Once the practical needs like the earlier mentioned mail addresses and bank account sorted, the plan is to start connecting with all the different departments of transportations across the United States to get the traffic printer approved in each state.

“I will be working alongside MRL’s sales team to streamline this process. Although I will initially be the only employee for Trysil RMM, we hope to eventually expand our team as Trysil RMM starts to grow and traffic printers become more known and sold in the US. For now, I am confident that Trysil RMM will be successful in working in collaboration with MRL”, she says.

MRL is a Montana based company that specializes in building and distributing road marking machines. They are one of the leading distributors in this industry within North America. MRL will build the striping trucks and we will mount the traffic printer on the MRL trucks.

Believe in success

With the outdated, time consuming, and dangerous methods that the United States currently uses to mark their roads with symbols, she is excited, she says, to more formally introduce the Trysil RMM’s traffic printer to the US market.

“I believe that with consistency, hard work, and continued collaboration with MRL, Trysil RMM will only continue to grow and gain success. I am happy to be a part of such a promising company with good business practices and products. Trysil Maskin has seen much success in Europe, and I look forward to being under the advisory of them. I am excited for the challenges that lie ahead in growing Trysil RMM, she concludes.